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Activity update and the new Gurren Lagann Review

Hello everyone, I’d like to apologize for the lack of videos for a while, there is a reason for it, and I’d like to take a moment to explain.

Back when I first started this blog, my first review was Gurren Lagann, I thought that old audio-only review was very out of date, and have decided to re-review it. I created a Tumblr for it at

However, I’ve decided to share the videos here as well since it’s been a while since I posted something:

Gurren Lagann Analysis Part 1 (Beastman War Arc, Kamina and Young Simon analysis.)

Zippcast link


Part 2 (City/Moon arc, including a detailed look at Rossiu.)

Zippcast link

Part 3, the conclusion is forthcoming, I’ll probably post it as soon as it’s done. However, I would like to add I’m also going to be getting back oon schedule releasing stuff here for the stuff I was working on before all this, and after spending s much time on my new TTGL thing, I’d like to switch gear back for a while. So expect more GaoGaiGar and SEED Destiny stuff coming back here soon.



Part 3, the finale is done, includes my rant about Spiral Nemesis and the ending.

Zippcast link


announcement v-log: delays and schedule changes.

Just a quick vlog explaining the delays on the first GaoGaiGar Video (it’s currently processing now.)  and some changes such as the addition of a webcam and some schedule changes so I can vary up the things I’m reviewing at once.



while the GaoGaiGar review will continue, I am also starting the long awaited SEED Destiny review and am looking to bringing in some regular “tokusatsu” content (Kamen Rider, Super Sentai) as well. The release schedule will look like this:  Super Robot opinionated guide slot (Currently GaoGaiGar)—–> Real Robot opinionated Guide (to be the long-awaited SEED Destiny review.) ——> Tokusatsu content slot 1——->Toku slot 2——>Back to Super Robot slot.

please note this is subject to change and I will also be making “in-betweens” such as Sortie Breaks or other small webcam topics and the like.


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Annoucement and Viewer Mail.

Hey this is Clawshrimpy of the AppliedPhlebotinum blog this time here with an announcement video along with some answers to some viewer questions I’ve recieved. I’m also announcing my next upcoming review as well.

Viddler embed: 


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