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Ableism/Disability representation in Mecha Anime and other fictional works

I’m working on the next video review, but I thought I’d do a written article to give you guys a little something before I put ouut my next review, and I feel like I’ve been reviewing robot cartoon to maybe tacle a more important/big boy topic like SJ kinda stuff, so here it goes


Ableism and Disablity Representation in Anime and other fiction.

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Move from Blip- Archive Masterlist

Hey everyone, sorry for being gone so long, I was without a PC for a while, and I got a notice from as I’m one of the unfortunate targets of their “purge” (as they’re closing the accounts of anyone making under a certain level of views/revenue. Even more popular people like JesuOtaku were hit!) I’ve began migrating the old videos to different sites (a mix of Zippcast and Dailymotion) so everything should be fine. there was ONE casualty, but I think I have a band-aid soltion for the problem which is not ideal, but it’s the best I can do.

I’m gonna start with the in-progressed opinionated guides/reviews.


GaoGaiGar Retrospective:

Episodes 1-3: This one was that casualty I was talking about. I couldn’t actually recover the backup from Blip, and the most I could find on my old hard drive was a part of the commentary. So I’ve uploaded that commentary track to soundcloud as a band-aid solution, though I may go back and re-do it at some point but….. I am really sorry! Soundcloud link: Soundcloud


Episodes 4-6: Dailymotion

Episodes 7-9: Dailymotion

GaoGaiGar Retrospective Playlist (future reviews for GaoGaiGar will be added here)



Gundam SEED Destiny Opinionated Guides:

SEED Destiny 1-5 Opinionated Guide Again into the maw of madness: Zippcast

SEED Destiny 6-10 Opinionated Guide So this is what a temporal loop looks like: Zippcast

SEED Destiny 11-15 Opinionated Guide What the hell happened to Cagali?: Zippcast


SEED Destiny Opinionated Guide Playlist (Future videos will also be added to the playlist.)


Sortie Breaks:


The Big O Roger the Negotiator review: Dailymotion

The Big O Enemy is another Big! review: Dailymotion

The Big O Daemonseed Review (Christmas 2013 special): Dailymotion

Sortie Breaks Playlist


Now, for some of the long term completed works.

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann Review: (done originally for tumblr, but ported it over here.)

Part 1 (Beastman arc): Zippcast

Part 2 (City Arc):  Zippcast

Part 3 (Finale): Zippcast

Gurren Lagann review Playlist


Gundam SEED (original) Opinionated Guides (circa 2010-2011)

1-5 Part 1: Zippcast

1-5 Part 2: Zippcast

6-10: Zippcast

11-15: Zippcast

16-20: Zippcast

21-25: Zippcast

26-30: Zippcast

31-35: Zippcast

36-40: Zippcast

41-45: Zippcast

46-50: Zippcast

Final Review: Zippcast


Full Gundam SEED Playlist


That should be everything, I’m gonna work hard on fixing all the links on the old entries and everything should be good to go and I’ll start doing new reviews soon!

(If the videos on Zippcast aren’t working, try again later, Zippcast has regular maintenences.)





announcement v-log: delays and schedule changes.

Just a quick vlog explaining the delays on the first GaoGaiGar Video (it’s currently processing now.)  and some changes such as the addition of a webcam and some schedule changes so I can vary up the things I’m reviewing at once.



while the GaoGaiGar review will continue, I am also starting the long awaited SEED Destiny review and am looking to bringing in some regular “tokusatsu” content (Kamen Rider, Super Sentai) as well. The release schedule will look like this:  Super Robot opinionated guide slot (Currently GaoGaiGar)—–> Real Robot opinionated Guide (to be the long-awaited SEED Destiny review.) ——> Tokusatsu content slot 1——->Toku slot 2——>Back to Super Robot slot.

please note this is subject to change and I will also be making “in-betweens” such as Sortie Breaks or other small webcam topics and the like.


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Annoucement and Viewer Mail.

Hey this is Clawshrimpy of the AppliedPhlebotinum blog this time here with an announcement video along with some answers to some viewer questions I’ve recieved. I’m also announcing my next upcoming review as well.

Viddler embed: 


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Gundam SEED final review follow up

So here it is my final wrap up for Gundam SEED. I apoligize for not covering everything to a level I’d like and I’d like to thank everyone who commented and E-mailed in during this opinionated guide.



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Edit: I have organised a full Blip playlist to view all of my Gundam SEED review to completely recap it all:



Gundam SEED 46-50: IT’S FINALLY OVER. (Almost.)

Hey it’s Clawshrimpy with the vlog review of the final 5 episodes of Gundam SEED. Unfortunately this is a bit longer than the previous few, due to it being the final 5 episodes, and I didn’t get to cover all I wanted in the time, There is a Final wrap-up review coming, where I’ll pass my judgement and give SEED it’s score.

Azrael doesn’t know how Nukes actually work, Patrick still wants to shoot the Death Ray at Earth even after winning, Rau practically oozes hammyness, and it all leads to a abrupt and confusing ending.

Viddler embed: 


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Gundam SEED 41-45: The Home Stretch

After some trouble with the editing the vlog review for Episode 41-45 of Gundam SEED is done. 

Not much happens. Athrun finds out his dad is a racist, Lacus meets up with the Archangel and becomes the de-facto general of the peace effort. and Rau la Cruset is crazy. Well we’re in the home stretch guys, we’ve only got 5 episodes left.

Viddler embed: 

Blip:  [

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