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Does it Really Work: In-Depth GaoGaiGar Analysis Part 1: The Basics and the Gutsy Galaxy Guard.

And…. We’re back! Clawshrimpy here getting back into the review game with a new review format, I’ve decided to re-focus into posititive reviews ala MovieBob, with this multi-part analysis of GaoGaiGar. Thiss will be multi-part, so I hope you’ll stick aroud and watch thte rest as they come.

In this first part, we discuss the basic of what GaoGaiGar is, and discuss the characters in 3G and the Strongest Brave Robo Corps, (except Mamoru, who is going to be the dedicated topic of Part 2.)

Here it is:

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GGG/TTGL Rebuttal written article version/followup

Clawshrimpy here again.

some people had asked me to produce a transcript for my audio commentary a post ago, which I can understand folks not wanting to listen to all of it as it’s nearly an hour long, so I’ve decided to do a different take on it in text format. this will not be a straight transcript though, I’ll be changing stuff around. So treat this more as my first written article. Click and read on…

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GaoGaiGar Retospective Opinionated guide: Episodes 4-6

Hi there, this is Clawshrimpy of Applied Phlebotinum back from a VERY long hiatus, mostly relating to Real Life and some orginizational stuff, along with a technical snags involving my camera (Why I’ve switched back to voice-only) and something I’ll bring up when I upload the next SEED Destiny video. Sorry for the wait.

Today we’re looking at GaoGaiGar episodes 4-6, Mamoru now has a big responsibility, but can he handle it? He also proposes a preventionary plan but is warned of the danger, but a big red robot stands up for him. Also, a tanker Zonder made from an absorbed captain who hates technology, and also the introduction of two Artificial Intelligences learning about teamwork. Fun times!

The GaoGaiGar Retro9spective: TV 4-6 by Clawshrimpy

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GaoGaiGar Retrospective: TV 1-3

Clawshrimpy of the Applied Phlebotinum blog here with a opinionated analysis of the first 3 epsidoes of GaoGaiGar! Apologies for the delay and the length but I am very…. analytical about this show. In these episodes Pasder and his Zonderians want to take over the earth turning all of humanity into Zonders but the brave men of women of 3G stand in their way along with “The World’s Strongest Cyborg” Guy. Also a grade-school boy finds he has the power to turn the cores of the Zonders back into humans but what does that mean for him?

(The original video for this review was the only casualty from the move from, as a compromise, you can find a Soundcloud of some of the commentary here:

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The GaoGaiGar Retrospective Introduction

Hey guys it’s Clawshrimpy of the Applied Phlebotinum blog presenting the GaoGaiGar Retrospective. here is the introduction. originally it was going to be 2 videos (i recorded both halves of the video at different times.) but I just decided to merge them into one video. the first half is me explaining about the history of the Brave franchise (and a little bit about the Eldoran series too.) and the second half is my actual introduction to GaoGaiGar and the Media Blasters localization incident.

Also not only wil this retrospective series be posted on the blog but I’m also sharing this over that the TvTropes “Live-Bloginations”. Hello tropers.


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