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Activity update and the new Gurren Lagann Review

Hello everyone, I’d like to apologize for the lack of videos for a while, there is a reason for it, and I’d like to take a moment to explain.

Back when I first started this blog, my first review was Gurren Lagann, I thought that old audio-only review was very out of date, and have decided to re-review it. I created a Tumblr for it at

However, I’ve decided to share the videos here as well since it’s been a while since I posted something:

Gurren Lagann Analysis Part 1 (Beastman War Arc, Kamina and Young Simon analysis.)

Zippcast link


Part 2 (City/Moon arc, including a detailed look at Rossiu.)

Zippcast link

Part 3, the conclusion is forthcoming, I’ll probably post it as soon as it’s done. However, I would like to add I’m also going to be getting back oon schedule releasing stuff here for the stuff I was working on before all this, and after spending s much time on my new TTGL thing, I’d like to switch gear back for a while. So expect more GaoGaiGar and SEED Destiny stuff coming back here soon.



Part 3, the finale is done, includes my rant about Spiral Nemesis and the ending.

Zippcast link


Sortie Break: The Big O “Enemy is Another Big!” review.

Hey all, Clawshrimpy of Appliedphlebotinum here, back after a nasty flu to get back on schedule with the second Big O Quickie review. Act. 12 Enemy is Another Big!

Roger gets tasked to give a large sum of money to a crazy guy wrapped in bandages, only to end up in a confrontation unlike any of his previous cases as we learn more about the Megadeus and what happened 40 years ago. Yes, It’s MUCH better than it sounds.

Sortie Break: The Big O: Enemy is Another Big! by Clawshrimpy

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Sortie Break: The Big O: Roger The Negotiator review

Hey all, it’s Clawshrimpy back in the video swing, along with a “quickie” video review, something I call Sortie Breaks. Where I analyze a single episode of a mecha/ sci-fi anime as a standalone story and give it a “level of reccomendation” stamp at the end.

Today’s outing is the pilot episode of mecha mystery/noir show The Big O, “Roger The Negotiator” as requested by my good friend Jack. Roger smith is a negotiator and seems to have gotten more than he bargained for, for negotiaing to release of an old wealthy man’s daughter. Also, he has a robot and fights another robot.

If you have in mind a “standalone” episode of a mecha/sci-fi anime that you’d like to see covered in a futre analysis when I do Sortie Breaks, e-mail me at the address below.

Sortie Break: The Big O: Roger the Negotiator by Clawshrimpy

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Gundam SEED Destiny 6-10: So this is what a temporal loop looks like

Hey, this is Clawshrimpy of Applied Phlebotinum back with the Gundam SEED Destiny Opinionated Guide taking a look at episodes 6-10! Just a side note, due to technical difficulties, I’ve switched to japanese audio with subtitles, I apoligize in advance.

So Junius Seven gets broken into tiny pieces but still manages to make Earth upset to make the entire planet turn against Coordinators again (despite the fact the Earth Alliance didn’t help break it up.) ORB’s new leadership is questionable, and we meet Durandal’s Lacus impersonator.

Zippcast link

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GaoGaiGar Retospective Opinionated guide: Episodes 4-6

Hi there, this is Clawshrimpy of Applied Phlebotinum back from a VERY long hiatus, mostly relating to Real Life and some orginizational stuff, along with a technical snags involving my camera (Why I’ve switched back to voice-only) and something I’ll bring up when I upload the next SEED Destiny video. Sorry for the wait.

Today we’re looking at GaoGaiGar episodes 4-6, Mamoru now has a big responsibility, but can he handle it? He also proposes a preventionary plan but is warned of the danger, but a big red robot stands up for him. Also, a tanker Zonder made from an absorbed captain who hates technology, and also the introduction of two Artificial Intelligences learning about teamwork. Fun times!

The GaoGaiGar Retro9spective: TV 4-6 by Clawshrimpy

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Gundam SEED Destiny 1-5: Again into the maw of madness

Hello everyone, Clawshrimpy here with the first edition of the long-awaited Gundam SEED Destiny opinionated guide review vlog! I do heavily apoligize for the delay, problems arose during video editing which was causing my editor to crash. I will be looking at alternatives to reduce the issues next time.

I will have to make some small adjustment to the the rotation somewhat to make up for this delay but here it is at any rate!

We are treated to start that’s pretty much pretty similar to the start of the first SEED. only this time we have allready gotten back to the point that we have to question every logical decision of almost every character and being back to the point of stuff not making sense again. Wow this really does not bode well.

Zippcast link



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GaoGaiGar Retrospective: TV 1-3

Clawshrimpy of the Applied Phlebotinum blog here with a opinionated analysis of the first 3 epsidoes of GaoGaiGar! Apologies for the delay and the length but I am very…. analytical about this show. In these episodes Pasder and his Zonderians want to take over the earth turning all of humanity into Zonders but the brave men of women of 3G stand in their way along with “The World’s Strongest Cyborg” Guy. Also a grade-school boy finds he has the power to turn the cores of the Zonders back into humans but what does that mean for him?

(The original video for this review was the only casualty from the move from, as a compromise, you can find a Soundcloud of some of the commentary here:

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