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Sortie Break: The Big O “Enemy is Another Big!” review.

Hey all, Clawshrimpy of Appliedphlebotinum here, back after a nasty flu to get back on schedule with the second Big O Quickie review. Act. 12 Enemy is Another Big!

Roger gets tasked to give a large sum of money to a crazy guy wrapped in bandages, only to end up in a confrontation unlike any of his previous cases as we learn more about the Megadeus and what happened 40 years ago. Yes, It’s MUCH better than it sounds.

Sortie Break: The Big O: Enemy is Another Big! by Clawshrimpy

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Sortie Break: The Big O: Roger The Negotiator review

Hey all, it’s Clawshrimpy back in the video swing, along with a “quickie” video review, something I call Sortie Breaks. Where I analyze a single episode of a mecha/ sci-fi anime as a standalone story and give it a “level of reccomendation” stamp at the end.

Today’s outing is the pilot episode of mecha mystery/noir show The Big O, “Roger The Negotiator” as requested by my good friend Jack. Roger smith is a negotiator and seems to have gotten more than he bargained for, for negotiaing to release of an old wealthy man’s daughter. Also, he has a robot and fights another robot.

If you have in mind a “standalone” episode of a mecha/sci-fi anime that you’d like to see covered in a futre analysis when I do Sortie Breaks, e-mail me at the address below.

Sortie Break: The Big O: Roger the Negotiator by Clawshrimpy

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Sortie Break: VOTOMS CASE IRVINE audio quicklook.

Hey it’s Clawshrimpy, brining you a new regular feature, the “Sortie Break.” Sortie Break are small audio quicklooks at Mecha anime I’ve watched and are intended as short audio “quicklook” reviews, in between major video releases.


for this Sortie Break, get ready for out of place Code Geass and Gundam type action and loud (also out of place) melodrama, and gigantic claw backpacks as Sunrise eviscerates another of their IPs that dares to be different, as we look at the trainwreck that is Armored Trooper VOTOMS CASE IRVINE.


Download this Sortie Break mp3 here:

Thanks for listening, the Gundam SEED 46-50 review vlog should be out soon, enjoy this in the mean time!

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