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A Rebuttal: GaoGaiGar v.s. Gurren Lagann rant

Hey, this is Clawshrimpy, the next video is coming, but I’d decided to throw up a quick pece of content again, although it’s more of a rant. 😦

As some of you know, I like to occasionally like to get on a soapbox about a lot of varying issues, In this case, a reviewer at a blog called TheRossman had a review of GaoGaiGar which piqued my curiosity, as GGG fans are a bit rare and I always get excited if someone tries to watch the show for the first time (like a few people had thanks to my retrospective series, judging from e-mails.) However it was a very negative review that I felt got a lot wrong abut the show and painted a negative, misleading picture of the show….. while at the same time trying to hold up Gurren Lagann. Big. Mistake. SO I decided to do a commentary and rebuttal of his “review”

the audio file is quite long, 50ish minutes, so I’d recommend doing something else in the background as you listen. Which is why this isn’t a video.

First, here’s a link to this “review” of GaoGaiGar for relevence:

Seriously? The Carpenters are a plot contrivance? what about Spiral Energy then?

(it’s the first review you’ll see on the page.)

The Rebuttal

(if for some reason this link goes offline, e-mail me at or let me know and a backup link will be brought up posthaste. Or I’ll just send it to you if you like.)


Sortie Break: VOTOMS CASE IRVINE audio quicklook.

Hey it’s Clawshrimpy, brining you a new regular feature, the “Sortie Break.” Sortie Break are small audio quicklooks at Mecha anime I’ve watched and are intended as short audio “quicklook” reviews, in between major video releases.


for this Sortie Break, get ready for out of place Code Geass and Gundam type action and loud (also out of place) melodrama, and gigantic claw backpacks as Sunrise eviscerates another of their IPs that dares to be different, as we look at the trainwreck that is Armored Trooper VOTOMS CASE IRVINE.


Download this Sortie Break mp3 here:

Thanks for listening, the Gundam SEED 46-50 review vlog should be out soon, enjoy this in the mean time!

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