Applied Phlebotinum Gundam SEED 31-35: Nothin’ says “pacifism” quite like rainbow beam death.

Hey it’s Clawshrimpy with another Gundam SEED vlog review.

Kira cheats death and comes back with the Freedom and ascends to Gundam Jesus-hood also Pacifism does not work that way an idol snger can hand out millitary prototypes Flay is still crazy Sai is awesome and Politics suck. oh and did you know Nicol loved the Piano?

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5 Responses to “Applied Phlebotinum Gundam SEED 31-35: Nothin’ says “pacifism” quite like rainbow beam death.”

  1. 1 Torque
    January 5, 2011 at 11:49 pm

    Great video. You touched on a lot of the big reasons why I hate this show. The big one is, of course the Martial Pacifism that has infected Gundam for so long. This over-idealistic view that the creators of the Gundam Franchise seem to have that there is no good reason for anyone to fight so everybody should just strum guitars and sing Kumbaya or we’ll kill you.

    It’s stupid, naive and it glosses over the real reasons for conflict, like irreconcilable differences or some assholes thinking they’re so much smarter than you and have the God-given right to march into your country and impose their views on you by force.

    The fact that Gundam keeps fucking doing this over and over again (Gundam Wing, Gundam Seed, and now Gundam 00) fucking pisses me off.

    • 2 clawshrimpy
      January 5, 2011 at 11:57 pm

      Thank you for the feedback, I really really appreciate it! I know I am overly harsh at times, and believe me, since I started this blog, I have gotten my fair share of hatemail, not only from Cosmic Era fans, but from Gurren Lagann fans too (but that’s kinda justified, my TTGL review was way less thought out than my SEED reviews. when I was mostly just angry about how popular it is, and the activity of some of it’s fanbase, the “Gurren Lagann in the only good Super Robot show” claim for example.)

      However I’ve strived to make my videos more well thought out, and my latest SEED video on the front page, I’ve come up with a new format which cuts out some of the rambling and verboseness, I’m generally pretty happy with the result of 16 miniute videos as opposed to 32 minute videos, I applaud you for making it through my longer ones, and I know my voice is grating to some.

  2. 3 clawshrimpy
    January 6, 2011 at 12:24 am

    I Think it’s important to remember, though, that Universal Century had a lot of the sort of same problems. though while shows like Zeta Gundam and the original MSG were less poorly written than SEED, they tended to suffer from at least the same kinda problems, Newtypes v.s. Oldtypes, Spacenoids v.s. Earthnoids, etc. and honestly, when a Cosmic Era fan says “Universal Century was just as bad most of the time.” I know they’re specifically talking about Double Zeta and Victory, and I’m actually inclined to agree a little. to be fair, though, I allways felt that while Gundam might have been the first, there are better things you can watch if you want some Real Robot. Stuff like VOTOMS, Dougram, VIFAM, Patlabor, and Macross sans Zero and Frontier, are pretty much better written.

    To be honest, the only shows I like in the franchise are 0080, 08th MS Team, Gundam X, Turn A Gundam, and G Gundam and SEED Astray. (though the last two are for So Bad It’s Good elements.)

  3. 4 Torque
    January 14, 2011 at 4:54 am

    After watching both Mobile Suit Gundam and Zeta Gundam, I have to disagree with you. MSG and Zeta were honest about the reasons for war. Zeon in MSG was a once-well intentioned independence movement that was high jacked by power-hungry, bloodthirsty, warmonger and his equally power-hungry offspring. I can sympathize with and understand why the average Zeon soldier would continue to fight for them. Because, rule by the Zabes was still preferable to whatever the Earth Federation had in mind.

    Same thing with the Titans in Zeta. They wanted to ensure that all space colonies would remain under Earth’s rule so there would never be another One-Year War.

    In both series, both sides have a well thought out reason for fighting and the series acknowledges that sometimes differences are irreconcilable and war is the inevitable result.

    Neither side reaches the level of Genocidal Stupidity that Blue Cosmos does (HURR BECUZ WE IZ VILLUNZ DURR!) Nor does the writer feel it necessary to hand out god modes. Yes, Amuro and Kamille went God Mode at the end of their series, but it happened at a point that was dramatically appropriate. It felt like it had been earned and it brought closure to the series.

    Finally, neither MSG nor Zeta Gundam have the protagonist march in and announce “I’m Going to Make Peace by Killing Everyone.”

    As far as Double Zeta and Victory, I can’t say much because I haven’t seen them. I asked around /m/, heard how awful they were, and decided to spare myself the pain. I’m currently getting my giant robot fix from the Classic Battletech Fedcom Civil War sourcebook. Which is really well written. It’s like reading an actual history book. If you can find a copy for under $100 (yes, this thing commands OUTRAGEOUS prices on eBay) I highly recommended it.

    • 5 clawshrimpy
      January 14, 2011 at 5:49 am

      I wasn’t trying to imply they were bad or anything, just that it is a point SEED’s defenders WILL bring up, as they have via E-mail, as what rationale for how SEED and Universal Century are “Not so different.”. (Which is one of my freaking points, who cares if it’s similar. It’s part of the reason why SEED is bad! Alternate Gundam timelines should bring something new to the table.) and I can’t exactly write off that point of view without sounding like a hypocrite. I personally think after Tomino invented the concept of “Real Robot” as it were, other creators were able to take the concept and really run with it, like Ryosuke Takahashi did with Dougram and VOTOMS. which is why I prefer them.

      As an aside, judging from his Twitter, Fukuda is…going insane. being “not amused” that Destiny is being “misused” in Super Robot Wars. it….sounds like he’s trying to be like Tomino, and failing miserably. It’s pretty great for a laugh, and I’ll probably mention it once I get around to doing Destiny vids and talk about the behind the scenes drama.

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